JRR maintains a roster of active-duty criminal justice and related professionals. The roster allows JRR, upon a request from a State or an organization, to identify and propose experts with a wide range of expertise and competencies in order for them to participate, at short notice, in deployments.


Entities with the appropriate jurisdiction can approach JRR with a request for experts to be deployed to assist in investigating human rights or international criminal violations. JRR will identify and propose experts from its roster who correspond to the sought profile and assists in the deployment of the experts. The decision to release an expert for a given deployment ultimately rests with the experts and their employer.

In order to be certified to the JRR roster, experts must be nominated by their employer and must successfully complete a training programme in international investigations. Training courses are held several times a year in various parts of the world, and aim at training experts in applying their own professional expertise in the context of international criminal investigations.