[Video] Quality Investigations, Credible Accountability

Justice is not the only thing that is needed to address mass human rights abuses of the past and break cycles of conflict. But without it, there is little hope for peace to take hold. In this new video, Executive Director Andras Vamos-Goldman explains the innovation of Justice Rapid Response.

JRR Deploys its 100th Mission

Justice Rapid Response has deployed its 100th mission. Like the 99 that came before it, this mission is providing investigative expertise to ensure credible accountability can be realized for victims of mass atrocity crimes and serious human rights violations.

JRR Presents Annual General Report to ICC’s Assembly of States Parties

From 16-24 November, the Assembly of States Parties of the International Criminal Court will convene in The Hague for its 15th annual meeting. On the 16 November, JRR will deliver its Annual General Report, which reviews its accomplishments in 2016 and reviews its strategic direction for 2017.

JRR Shortlisted by UBS in Social Innovators Competition

Justice Rapid Response was selected by UBS as one of the 12 finalists from Switzerland for the first Social Innovators program. JRR’s demonstrable impact leads to an unwavering vision of a world where recurring cycles of conflict can be ended by dealing with past wrongs through credible accountability.