Deployment Process

Deployment_Graph_New_350pxASSESS REQUEST

Through our outreach activities and many partnerships, JRR receives requests for expertise from a wide range of States, regional and international institutions, as well as other entities that have a mandate to collect information about international crimes and serious human rights violations. Each request is reviewed against the following criteria:

  • Conformity with international law;
  • Absence of political motivation that would undermine the investigation;
  • The activities envisioned should be able to be performed safely and securely – both for the experts as well as the people they will encounter; and
  • There is a need for a rapid response – such as a political and/or security window of opportunity to investigate, or concern that the evidence and/or the patience of the population will erode.


The diversity of the roster allows JRR to meet a wide variety of requests. After consultation, we provide the requesting entity with a list of anonymous skillsets that match the required competencies. The selection is made by the requesting entity after shortlisting experts, reviewing their full profile and, if needed, interviewing final candidates. We secure the release of the selected experts from their regular employer, facilitate the deployment process and brief the experts prior to deployment.


Flexibility is essential to accommodate the myriad requirements of the international system. Being flexible enables JRR to undertake a variety of roles, including directly contracting experts, organizing missions and even convening a group of other providers. Missions can be funded in one – or a combination – of three broad ways that may include financial as well as in-kind contributions:

  • The requesting entity contracts the experts and funds the deployment;
  • The mission is funded by a third party through project-specific funds raised by JRR; or
  • The mission is funded through JRR’s International Investigations Deployment Fund.


Deployed experts report only to the entity to which they provide support. JRR debriefs both experts and requesting entities after each mission, focusing on how to improve the deployment process and assess overall impact.