Enhancing Global Standards

A great strength and innovation of Justice Rapid Response (JRR) is that it is able to gather skilled professionals from every region of the world who are prepared for deployment at any time. Experts must first be nominated by their employer, selected by JRR and its course partners, successfully complete their training to then be certified to the JRR roster. Only outstanding individuals from each recruitment course are invited to join the JRR roster.

JRR regularly holds recruitment courses in the conduct of investigation of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and serious violations of human rights in high stress, complex conflict and post-conflict situations. The courses are conducted across the globe in English, French, Arabic and Spanish. This broad reach is to ensure that experts with the needed professional, cultural, legal and linguistic abilities are available on the roster. The JRR roster’s diversity helps to ensure that an appropriate professional is available whenever there is an opportunity to investigate atrocities.

These experts are not only applying high standards of investigations when deployed to international investigations, they are also spreading best practices in investigations within their workplaces, communities and countries, enhancing investigation standards globally.