The Power of Partnerships

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Justice Rapid Response is an ideal partner for any member of the international community. We are a discreet professional service provider with the flexibility to accommodate the needs of any requesting entity, and deploy experts when and where they are needed.

We are bridging the traditional silos of the international community by bringing toge-ther expertise, resources and mandates from States, international and regional institutions, civil society and the private sector. The result is that the expertise we provide comes from a multi- lateral platform that is globally, regionally and gender-balanced.

Examples of partnerships include strengthening accountability for sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) crimes, by partnering with UN Women in the recruiting, training and deploying of experts to assist SGBV investigations. By the end of 2015, 168 experts were certified to the Justice Rapid Response-UN Women SGBV Justice Experts Roster and 44 experts have been deployed around the world to support national and international accountability processes.

In 2015 we strengthened our on-going partnership with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the International Criminal Court. We also formalized relations with the Offices of both the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Children Affected by Armed Conflict (SRSG CAAC) and for Sexual Violence in Conflict (SRSG SVC). A Standby Agreement was also signed with UNICEF and negotiations are on-going with several other UN agencies and regional organizations.

On 25 March 2015 JRR signed a Framework Agreement with the Republic of Mali to provide assistance in the investigation and prosecution of the crimes relating to the situation in the North of the country. Consultations with Guatemala started in May, enabling JRR to provide support to the Attorney General’s office’s efforts to prosecute cases of international crimes, including SGBV.

Under our Mentoring Humanitarian First Responders Program, we provide assistance to organizations on the ground that are faced with the challenge of being the ones in whom survivors of mass atrocities confide. We also collaborate closely with organizations such as Human Rights Watch in better understanding where assistance is most needed and can do the most good.

In June 2015 we brought together private sector know-how with international institutions and States to improve the international community’s ability to include financial investigations for the purpose of asset recovery in international investigations.