How We Are Funded

Justice Rapid Response relies on voluntary contributions. The Secretariat remains a lean, highly adaptive structure, with a current annual operational budget of EUR 1.6 million. In order to meet exponentially growing demand and make a lasting impact in our field, we are in need of predictable operational support. As flexibility is a key to our success, funding can take a variety of forms. Please support our work through un-earmarked contributions; a donation to the International Investigations Deployment Fund; support for one of our many programs; or to one of JRR’s Training Courses.

As 95% of our missions are in support of “Fragile States”, government funding can either come from Stabilization and Early Recovery programs or Development funds. Because the Mentoring Humanitarian First Responders program supports humanitarian organizations in contact with survivors of mass atrocities, we are also eligible for humanitarian-related funding.

In 2015 a US not-for-profit entity, Justice Rapid Response USA, was created, in part to help diversify and expand our funding base through philanthropic and grant-making institutions. 2014 was the first year we received a grant from a private foundation, the Greenbaum Foundation, and in 2015 JRR was selected to join the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation portfolio of social entrepreneurs for a three-year period. JRR’s Executive Director was also selected as an Ashoka Fellow, joining a network of 3000 social entrepreneurs around the world.

In June 2015 JRR’s Executive Director spoke at TEDx Hamburg to reach a global audience about the importance and impact of making accountability for mass atrocities credible through improving the quality of investigations: “Turning justice denied into justice achieved”