Justice Rapid Response (JRR) is a creative answer to a gap in the effective delivery of human rights and international justice. While started by States, today we are a multi-stakeholder facility that brings together States, international and regional institutions, civil society and the private sector. This gives JRR a unique ability to deliver. JRR can have access to help investigations that only States can make possible; have the global reach that international institutions can provide; and move with the quickness and flexibility normally associated with non-profits. Being a multilateral platform, together with the diversity of its roster, is key to making JRR’s assistance relevant and politically attractive. Every year, JRR reports back to its constituency of over 100 participating States, institutions and organization on its annual results and future goals.



JRR’s Executive Board provides strategic direction and oversight to the Executive Director to whom it has delegated operational management. JRR’s headquarters have been in Geneva since July 2012, on the invitation of the Swiss Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. JRR also maintains an office in New York.